The day I went after her

When I saw her she glittered.
Light and life emanated from her demeanour.
Then I saw them.
Both looking glamorous and wonderful together.
My other heart feared, shivered and quivered.
It could not believe.
Neither could come to terms
With what the eye had seen
And what the heart attempts to accept.
Could it be true
That they are lovers.
Have I loved a dream
While I slept.
May be my horse
Lays behind her cart.


©Daniel Oberko 2017

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Lovers Pilgrimage

We set off at dawn when the weather was Fresh
And at night when there was light
Without the burning heat of the day.
Yet our flesh long for rest.
Let us pitch our tent here.
We have covered a distance.
The rest of the journey, many scores
And this winter has many dark clouds.
I will go into the town and to the street
To get us a covering and a candle.
The fresh grass will be our bed.
The music from the kings court
Will travel to sooth our hearts.
We shall keep our abode warm
Until the cry of the cock at dawn.
(C) Daniel Oberko 2017