The little Boy Chant

He sings his song
From a voice green
With a light expression
Of an innocent face.
He sings with persistence
While our heart seek
To understand which language
And rhythm he learned
This strange and beautiful
Song that attracts any.
Join me if you
Want and you can.

Ta ta ta taa
Ta ta ta taa
Te te te taa
Te te te taa
A a a aa

Sing all with him
Or sing the taa.
Sing ta ta ta
And there he mutes.
Follow the leader if
You want harmony between
The verse and chorus.
Between the last taa
And the first ta.
As you submit will
A team is formed.
Here comes a band.

Ta ta ta taa
ta ta ta taa
Te te te taa
Te te te taa
A a a aa

Nyamenwom is God’s song.
Not your regular song.
A song of love
Grace faith and hope.
Of purpose and people.
He weaves his lyrics
At dawn and blends
With sound when the
Moon replaces the sun.
Strike at your cord
And make your music
Travel with the wind.

Ta ta ta taa
Ta ta ta taa
Te te te taa
Te te te taa
A a a aa

Permit me to Say

He who can speak
Call her who is behind the teak
For I hold in my hand a scroll
It has all her story that I want to roll
Let me get close to her
To speak to her there
I perceived your smile
So I travelled this mile
To whisper to your ear
What the coward will fear
Bright as the sun of East Africa
You make naked the darkest hour
Like the uncountable stars
Many are those who wished you bore them sons
As white as snow
The beauty of your heart show
Genuine is your love
I wished I could have