The child and me

I am a child

I know I am

I can

I am old don’t

I know I am

I can.


Nsaasaawa Rhymification

It was a Saturday morning, man was drowsy
A morning difficult to tell what to do, very fuzzy
Not ready to hustle, man was lazy
Picked my phone, slid into one side of the sofa, feeling cosy
I doled out unsolicited rhymes, hope I am not being crazy

Why the quietness Kleny
Divulge the pain oh my lolly
I won’t hurt you anymore, really
My calls and thoughts will come daily
These are real talk, not flimsy
I won’t show you fake, I am holy.

My African diva, Lady Lynda
The real one, not Lorinda
My sugar cane, pawpaw, you better than banana
You love my swag, not just my banana
You surpass Queen of Sheba, even Lupita
You have floored all the men, Wangara, even Kenyata
My wampoto plus fanta, my wampata

She is the rock queen, she is Bino
Ɔyɛ tough, fitness mu supremo
Always on the rise, she does not go low
Bring the challenge, you will know her flow
Bring the weight, they are nothing, she will tow
Her eyes on the ball, she will steal the show

The man called Dingo
He no dey lose, he dey win, bingo
The real Australian Dingo, not flamingo
The chosen of the Lord, Domingo
I just no dey yab, I dey speak the real lingo
A real Ghana man not a gringo

Maame Agyeiwaa
She is jealous of you, who Yaa Asantewaa
Untearable, wo sɔ tswaen sɛ asaawa
You eat not only in golden plates, also the ayiwa
Dingo afa wo la efisɛ wonye yawa
Wo yɛ obaapa, heaven apaawa

Adezewa nsa Azonto anaa skelewu, ɔhemaa, ɔbɛsa adowa
She represents goodness and greatness, she is a diva
Throw lime at her, she will do a lemonade, she is a fixer
My evening warmth and my morning smile, my Malaika
With you we shall do this life together, we will go higher

Kwame Owu
Obanyin’a Obanyin suron, ton etur ɔrenwu
The fearless son of Eja Kweku
To save some time, call him Ejeeku
These are weightier matters
Yabɔ bɛdɛ, wuhia keshire ɛnyɛ duku

©Daniel Oberko 2017