Strange Tune Bad Dance

the distorted path

Lived where they did not build
Traveled within and without
Saw the beauty and the ugly far and near
And what they did not create
Or knew how they existed
Yet they claim they found
Honored in their archives
Giving honor to who saw
And not who created
Nor who existed where it existed

Divided the people and their land
Controlled their worth and wealth
Their minds and heart
Through the tongue of their mothers
And the religion of their ancestors
Which were semblance of reality
Existing in cathedrals and robes
Now crawling several centuries behind
The civilization in which they trained
Lost in their own land
Amused by strange tunes
And dancing a bad dance

Copyright©Daniel Oberko 2016

I too will ripe


I shall not look at you
And cry over my state now
Your time it is to ripe
So you ripe beautifully
We drink from the nipple
Of the same mother
Yet you look plumpy
And attractive than I do
You satisfy their quest and thirst
And appeal to their insatiable cravings
You suit the decoration
Of their grocery basket
And well placed for the day’s meal
No not me for now
I don’t drive their interest
And do not meet their specifications
Yes and I don’t care
Neither do I worry
I too will ripe in my time
And be fit for the Cook’s use
I too will ripe some day