My story

I started writing poetry when I was fifteen. I had the opportunity to perform a poem written by my Sunday School teacher, during Children’s Day Celebrations in Church. Now, I can only remember the title of the poem, “Know the God you serve”, and the first line. The following year, she could not write for me to perform. I panicked. Not wanting to be left out of the program, I decided to write my own poem, “No one knows”. In fact, it was my other sunday school teacher who advised that I prepare my own poem. I wrote my poem and with the support of other teachers, I performed it- though not as organized and lengthy as what my teacher wrote for me the previous year. But for a beginner then, I was more than happy. The fulfillment was super exciting. That was how my journey began. Interesting right? I think I need a short film on this. Would you like to work with me on this? It would be great!! From then on, I kept writing, especially when I got into senior secondary school and University, with intermittent breaks due to writer’s block. An interesting story happened in senior secondary school. We were in our final year. I had spent several hours in the library reading some physics and chemistry texts. To relieve the stress, I stood in front of my class and recited a poem I had written over the weekend, titled, “So Soon”. The piece recounted three years of studies, and coming from not knowing each other, to building strong tides. And soon, we would be leaving school. It was emotional and exciting. My classmates applauded. My good friends, Mary and late Anna requested hand-written copies. Mary still has her copy after 15 years. She deserves an award, I think. The passion to do what I loved, grew into appreciating poetry, not only as a field of literature but as a voice to inform and transform society. I have had the opportunity to perform a few of my poems at the Goethe Institute in Ghana.

Where I am going.

As a published author, I have effectively adapted experiences of my surroundings, numerous trips overseas and my encounter with people from all walks of life, to the ingredients of my poetry. They foray into religion, power, politics, gender, and Afrocentrism. My first non-fiction book, Finding your purpose, was published in 2012. Having worked with organizations that fight for social justice in the last 10 years as a campaigner, organizer and educator, I have written more than 100 concept notes for for project activities, including more than 20 articles, papers and opinion pieces. Currently, I am compiling my first poetry book, call it a chapbook or anthology. I continue to learn and train to get my craft perfected. I will be venturing into writing short stories. Be on the lookout for my first short story. I have spent some time to help individuals and groups develop concepts for their logos. I believe logos, which form part of a brand should have a voice, should be compelling and timeless. This is something I will continue to do. You can get in touch if you need a logo.