I beat this for a Father

Tin kon kon kon kon kon
Tin kon kon
Tin kon kon kon kon kon
Tin kon kon
Kon kon kon kon kon kon

I bring to your notice
People of this august town
An inquest for a father
Who once lived among you
Down this golden street
Smeared with beauty and glamour
Connecting the route of royalty
With extravagance
Leading to the house that gives us leaders
The one standing on the hill beside
The mighty tree providing shades of hope
He is an Akan
He weaves his speech in proverbs
And teaches wisdom in Anansesem
He is an Ewe
His name is sweet, spiritual and heavy
He is a Dagbamba
He preserves his history
In music and dance
He is a Guan
Being the first he leads
His people with tolerance
He is a Ga-Adangbe.
He is vocal and expresses his views without excuse
He is wise and brave
By his council we lived, flourished
And stayed secured
He walks many miles for many years
Filling his barn with plenty
So, that his house does not lack
The story teller who makes his children
Gather at sunset and sleep at midnight
Teaching them of the Lord and what is needful
Through the records of the scribes
And the book keepers
Be confident and seek knowledge
My child, he would say
If you do what I tell you
You will live well and long
I beat my gong for a father
Kon kon kon.
Manu atɔ.

©Daniel Oberko 2017.