Stand with Her

I am not here to tell the good things about a mother.
The lovable, the strong, the multitasking,
The resilient, the intelligent, the hopeful and the prayerful.
Her good deeds are sung through the magically woven lyrics
And perfectly mixed sounds of the Psalmist.
Her story trends daily on silver screens and on radios
Bursting with melodies of old poems and songs
That our ears vibrate intensely.
Out of her loin comes the people of this world.
She gives us the King and gives him counsel.
You have heard this over many voices years and miles.
It is visible to the eye and audible to the ear.
The dumb can speak it and the deaf can hear it.
So kindly spare her the cacophony of the rented trumpeters

A mother’s legacy cannot be erased.
It is inscribed on the tablets of our hearts.
Even in our graves we will not forget.
She needs more than the tributes and the soiree.
Someone to stand with her when she is alone in the dark.
One who will hold her hands when she slips.
One who will unfold the net that has entangled her.
When the voices and accusing fingers against her are many
She needs a sure advocate.
Not those who will push her further down.
When they are ready to stone her
She needs someone who will ask;
Let the one who has not sinned be the first to cast a stone.
When her ship has lost its bearing
She needs a captain to be on the bridge.
Stand with her in the rising and falling of the sun.
Stand with her now.
Stand with her forever.


copyright(c)Daniel Oberko 2017

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