Playboy Casanova

He understands the language of his ancestors.
He weaves his words to entangle the heart and mind.
His tales unfathomable.
Untold neither to the Turkana boy nor today’s man.
I have covered distances out stretching the hemispheres.
Collecting minerals and precious stones
Beyond the Rivers of Ethiopia.
Selling my merchandise to those of high echelon.
I have wined and dinned in palaces decorated with gold and diamonds.
The lands belonging to Princes and Princesses I have a Lion share.
Their maidens have served me.
What I tell you is true so believe.
My wealth the unlearned cannot quantify.
I can buy you everything you want.
You will lack nothing not even a second life.
I will place you in a house with many hands ready to serve you.
I will build for you a mansion
On a planet yet to be discovered.
And I will name it after you.
Please stay with me alone and forever.
I will love you like no other.
Even though I have not a memory
I am dreaming of a new world with you.

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