Remember us when you are called

Remember us when you are called.
When you are treated to a buffet breakfast lunch and supper eat well and be happy.
Food is good and indeed for the belly.
Although we do not eat from a buffet breakfast lunch and supper
We eat well and good from the same pot you once ate.
We are always full so we do not need any benevolence.
What we need surpass what satisfies
The belly and upsets tomorrow’s hunger.
When the door to the best guest room is opened to you
Close it at them and roll on your beautiful bed from right to left.
Lift up your head with your eyes towards the ceiling.
Smile and ask yourself na me be dis.
Yes, you be dat.
You don hama.
Your light don shine.
The new black star on the block.
Pick your pillow and take a rest.
Do not oversleep
And do not forget your dreams.
It is still possible here.
We will take care of your land
Until you are ready to come home
To build yours.
Learn well when you are taught.
Read what must be read and ask the questions that are needful.
Be prepared to be resisted.
But still ask them.
Tell them you want to read
What they read in their closet.
Find what is written in their scrolls.
Hidden from many who have eyes
That do not see and ears that do not hear.
When you are done come home.
Come and teach us what you know
And we will teach you what we know.
Then we can together achieve the dream.
If you are given an offer accept it knowing, you must come home.
If they want, you to extend your days.
Tell them we are waiting.
You are only in transit.
Just remember us.


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