Vanity is when in spite of the wealth of this world the level of poverty keeps increasing over time.
Vanity is when foundations set up to help the vulnerable and the poor are money making machines for those who set them up.
Vanity is when due to your obsession with a brand name, you pay a huge amount of money for an item, then you realize too late that you just paid for a brand name plus an inferior product.
Vanity is when a continent of enormous natural and human resources is among the poorest in this world.
Vanity is when you think marriage will solve all your problems yet ends up adding to the list of problems you would have to deal with for the rest of your life.
Vanity is when the only time you remember you can live within your means is when you are penniless.
Vanity is when you judge others with Iron hands but expect to be judged with mercy.
Vanity is when the fight for the freedom of one is a fight to oppress the other.
Vanity is when economies who made it through protection and government subsidies are telling the rest of the world protection and government subsidies are bad for economic growth.
Vanity is when a people love to discuss the frivolous without giving heed to what is relevant.
Vanity is when a people ascribe superstition to anything their current state of mind cannot understand-giving no importance to the need to seek understanding.
Vanity is when after spending time and energy yelling at your child to make him or her change for the better you realize too late that all you needed to do was to change and the child will copy you.
Vanity is when after taking time to read all these you fail to challenge the writer

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