No need to announce your presence
Because it lingers
As I lay my ear to the ground
I hear the sound of your footsteps
Yes I too know you that well
You make me feel at ease
Content and comfortable
With crumbs meant for the bin.

You will surely be fine you say
All you need is their approval
So keep mute
Don’t give them the chance
To call you the bad child
Be that good person you’ve always been
And wait for your turn
The sun will shine on you
And their eyes will look your way
Anger them not with your rants and demands
lest they avoid you
Cross not their path
Lest they smash you
Zip your lips at their nuisance
Lies and corruption
Lest they keep it dry
Devoid of food and water
Listen you will be fine.

I won’t be fine
How they feel about me
I careless
I won’t suffer and smile
I won’t look on while this evil thrive
My eyes mouth and ears won’t close
To this oppression thievery and injustice
For these lies to thrive my heart will bleed
For the work to remain undone
I will burn the midnight oil
No they can’t avoid me
They will know when I am in
They must listen when I speak
And read when I write
The thoughts of my heart
And the strength of my ink
Cannot pass unnoticed
The many voices I speak
With and for are thunderous
If they turn ostriches
They will dance Azonto
To Jesu Joy of MMan’s Desiring
Obviously they have no choice.

It is you I resist
I resist your comforting words
It is only a shadow
Built on false hopes and lies
Those that make the thief happy
And the oppressor stronger
I resist your peace whose
Elements are but a collection of dry shrubs
Sitting beside the blazing furnace
Right under the mercy of the harmattan
I resist your soothing words
They are the cold water
Not meant to treat the sore
Painless without struggle
Yet does not heal
I resist your half -truths
They are the obstacles
Standing between my freedom
And the bondage of
What is expected of me
By a world on a slippery slope
A world which fights for the freedom of one
In order to oppress the other
Where truths and facts can be invented
And every lie can be supported with evidence
Senseless isn’t it
Yes you are right
So the next time you point at my enemy
I will turn around and resist you.

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