The life I have isn’t mine
Yes, you gave it freely to me
So gave you those
Who brought me into this world
Not just life but all that pertains to it
The universe the stars the moon
The earth the rivers the seas
The flora and the fauna
Including the hope and faith to live daily
All these I owe to you
I am grateful.

Through the many sicknesses
The hunger and thirst
Of an innocent child
Wailing and tearing
From an unknown pain
Which could only be felt
When their lullaby was meaningless and useless
You were that Angel
Who lifted and told me not to cry
I am grateful.

Growing up was not a jolly ride
It was a mixture of a walk on
A sharply piercing rocky street
And occasionally sitting
By the King’s table and praying
That per adventure a child’s bowl will fall
School was not pleasant either
A regular debtor to the boss
And Monday a hell of a thought
When the assignment isn’t done
And the test remains
I brace myself in faith and fight on
I fight till I win
That is what you thought me
That tough times will never last
I am grateful.

Today I stand glorified
Arisen and shining
Epitome of your divine favour
Semblance of your manifold blessings
A release revealed in the flesh
Mess turned into message
Arena of disgrace metamorphosed
Into a fountain of grace
The rejected corner-stone
Now a celebrated icon among the builders
Directionless life
Turned into a story of a purposeful living
Once naked without identity
Now decorated with the royal diadem
Clothed in majestic apparel
The hungry man
Now have plenty to eat and share
The harlot
Now with many children and a husband
Yesterday I borrowed
Today I give
Journeyed a long road crying
Now I am back with laughter
Father I thank you.



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The Animal Spirit

From the beginning till now
She has been with them
And will remain till the final call
As old as the sin of man
The Animal Spirit thrives

She will sleep with them
And bathe them in hyssop
Fortify them against a foe
Make them agile and mighty
To countervail any oppressor
It is the same Animal Spirit


They will neither sleep nor blink
Thoughts gyrating and searching
To put every goal to where it must lie
While one seeks to win
The other seeks to win also
The Animal Spirit works on them all


Filling the barn of one to the brim
With the spoils of the sweat
Of those who are not counted keeping the old path
She empowers the other for the revolution
The same Animal Spirit runs through them