What I never said

I never said change was difficult
Yet would tilt the scale in favour
When confronted at dawn
Because it is the reason for the morning
And the terms of the engagement

I never said I bear an insatiable
Desire to know even the unknown
Relinquishing every weight
To attend to the weightier matters
While I respond to the call

I never said what I desire now
Tomorrow I would look with disdain
And not dance even to the tune that
Awakened the spirit of the Cushite
Leaving the singer to wonder

I never said growing daily
Is my only preoccupation
And climbing along with you
Is my earnest prayer
Lest I lose the love of my youth
And the innocent soul who loves no one

A Good Time not a Long Time

My bearing is in the whisper
My motivation their need
The people’s burden my bread
And my drink their sweat
That taste beckons me to run
Like the bird in flight
My duration is treated
I sit only for a good time
And not a long time
When you have a meal to cook
Let us cook and eat together
We will clean together
Let me read the Psalms and Poems
To your hearing and I will
Make them music in your heart
Let me hold your hands and pray
Let me take you out for a walk
And let me put you to sleep
On our return when the bathe is warm
Remember you won’t see me
When you wake up in the morning
Yes I will be gone and won’t be long there too