Walk along the Waters

Take a good walk along the beach sometimes. Especially on a cool sunny day when the sea and its bodies do not have much disturbance from the activities of human. It might offer you an opportunity to enjoy the strength of the breeze while you reflect. The Beaches of Cotonou does not offer the cleanliness offered by the beaches of Lome, Togo but it does offer the beauty and strength of any other beach including the site of some crustaceans washed ashore by strong tides.


Mauritius has a lot of beaches and water bodies. An island in the Indian Ocean, East South Africa,  attracts a lot of tourists from all of the world. At the Turtle Bay in Balaclava, the Maritm Hotel provides nice sites. You choose what attracts your eyes.



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Until they find the missing figure

One two three four five
One two four five
A step is jumped
A figure is lost
No one cares to find out
The end justifies the means they said
The propaganda of a preposterous agenda
Superseding the common interest
The agenda of lies thievery dishonesty division
And religious hypocrisy
Imposing a perpetual drunkenness
To those of simple minds and feeble hearts
Holding to ransom their righteousness
Tickling them to laugh at nothing
But their destitution and emptiness
Keeping them in power forever
Doing nothing to better their lot
But enriching those who buy their merchandize
Let the people find the figure
Or the glory come when the ant swallows the elephant.