You can’t come home my love

I love you very much
Sticked together with a bond
So strong I can’t explain
Even if I do you won’t understand
I can’t break it open either
Stronger than the bond
Holding the love between Oxygen
And his beloved Hydrogen in Water
Your smartness and alertness
Awakes my sense of curiosity
Your intelligence is worth a search
Your companionship
Awakens the romantic voice
At your mewing I smile

You who attack your prey in silence
In the dark they are vulnerable 
You see and hear them
Even at the slightest noise

I dream of making you a home
Where we can live together as friends 
Alas my companion hates you
You are an enemy in her eyes
You are nuisance to her existence 
I see you around but nay
We can only share a wave and a smile
Till I build you a home far from her sight 

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