Come sing for me

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Come sing for my merry heart
To dance and smile
To wiggle her waist and jump for joy
Come sing for my wandering mind
To be tamed and laid
Like a calm soul under the ambience
Of a Kenyan coffee
Come sing for my party
I told them about your voice
They are ready to listen and dance
Sing to satisfy their curiosity
Come sing for me to worship my maker
Help me burn a sweet smelling incense
That soothes his heart
One that makes Him come down
And one that makes angels sing halleluya

Your blessed Aura

When I see you come
I will run like the dear to meet
Your blessed aura
With a smile
I will give you a hug and a kiss
That blessed aura
Let it bless my heart
That blessed aura let it bless me

Daniel Oberko