The Evil’s good

At your site I saw what I admire
I looked and smiled
I looked again and again
Now in your face
Then I told my curious mind
She has run many miles
Ahead of your innocent soul
But my adventurous heart
Will not retreat
And at nothing will it surrender
It went after its prey and won

We journeyed in darkness
You beckoned me to come in
You said you had no master
My heart was stupid
And so was my mind
I came in and slept on my wisdom
Alas you hid your master
And with your skeleton
When I was dreaming they arrived
My heart could not quit
And suffered rage

While it stayed
You burned it the more
You made it run in and out
Until it could take nothing
But the space of its origin
But I curse not that day
I weep not of the encounter
And will not spit blood at you
Now it is stronger and wiser
Pain turned into blessing
Mess turned into message
The good the evil brings

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