Exodus through His goodness

Ah it has been a journey
The one run by the swift
The turtle and the snail
On a smooth and bumpy path
Through the stormy wind and breeze
Of rain and dryness
Of merry and sorrow
Food for the belly and hunger
Success and defeat
Sickness and good health
In death and life
Pressed down today
Up and about tomorrow
The dawn of a new day approach
We lay  back to head count
Loh’ we are but less
Grace to them who are resting
In the bosom of the father
We are those that remain
So we sing the Lord’s song
Dance to the tunes of the psalmist
And shout the hallelujah chorus
With our sacrifice of appreciation
To Him who lived before our fathers
And is good beyond all generation

Daniel Oberko

Her heart jumps

Her heart jumped
It jumped many times
That I could not tell why
She could not tell either
She smiled and wept for joy
The joy of satisfaction
Satisfied from the yearning
Of the flesh and heart
And I am happy
Though my heart remain calm
Happy for my strength and agility
At the awakening of my love
To pay my evening sacrifice