Do not give them food not meant for the table

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Like the morning star smiling you came
As though with the news not once heard
With the cross and book you came
While I slept you toured my backyard
Full of wealth in depth and height
With a dime you filled a ship
A ship with my own blood
And the gems from my backyard
I commend your wisdom
And appreciate your mental prowess
I admire the length of your neck
And your eagle eyes
You saw what I did not see
And thought while I was drinking your whisky
While killing my own with your gun
You partied over my spoil
I toiled in my home and yours
To expand your merchandise
A sojourner in my own land I became
And in your land I was your asset
You did same to my brothers
You still do your work
Now complex with the speed of light
My children see but they do not
They hear but they do not


You have the power
Because you have the scroll
I remember when we met in the jungle
I was the Lion and you were the Hunter
I died and you wrote the story
And your story tellers can tell it
So well my children cannot deny
You control the system and everything
They are running in for nothing but their share
They will die to get in
They will sacrifice to get in
It is their dream
Your story tellers told them your land is green
And theirs is dry and hopeless
When you see them running along your boarders
Like sheep without shepherd
Do not give them food not meant for the table
They are not just hungry
Do not create another mantra
To tell a certain story
Just break the back of the devourer
And unlose their chains
Leave them alone
Let the story tellers keep mute
My children do not want
The food not meant for the table

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