Awotwe ankɔ a’ ne homa kɔ

Uncle Awotwe is the district secretary
And the chief letter writer of the village
He writes well and reads well
And he can sip alcohol too well
But his masters like him
He will write the minutes for the meeting
And will not be at the next meeting
Swimming in a pool of alcohol
A knock at his door
Kwamena opens the door
Awɔtwe is rattling his own words
Words he only understands
He gives out his minutes
Without his presence
The minutes makes a good meeting
Indeed Awɔtwe ankɔ meeting
Nanso ne huma akɔ
When Esi travelled to the Twi land
Her host adulterated the adage
Attributed to her great grand father Awɔtwe
Ɔtwe ankɔ a’ ne honam kɔ
Awɔtwe will certainly shake in his grave
Over such an adulteration

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