A bowl of Jolof Rice and the Jolof Empire

The Jolof Empire
The Jolof Empire

You reign supreme
Your lovers are many in Senegal
They speak of you in the Gambia and Mauritania
Your name makes Ama Ghana smile
Kojo Alata  jumps for joy
Some want you sticky
Others loose

Probably they are loose
Because they are not aware
That behind a bowl of Jolof
Is an empire
An empire that existed
Before their fore fathers
An empire that epitomise
Their Jolof Rice
The Jolof Empire
Of the people of Senegal

An empire of the Baol
The Kayor
The Saloum
The Dimar
The Walo
The Sine
An empire of many kingdoms
And so is their Jolof Rice
The vegetables
The Rice
The meat or fish
And the little kingdoms
Of water and oil

So how did you get here
At your demise
By the French colonial forces
Or you were co – opted
And who cooks you well
Ama Ghana or Ama Alata
When they battle over who cooks you well
Tell them you were once an Empire

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