Don’t Look Back

The game African children play
The game Ghanaian children play

From afar his name is called
With a voice aloud
He must get to buy salt
Baaba calls on him to halt
He does not heed
For he has no need
It is the bliss of the game we played
That game we all enjoyed
With all the children he also played

They squat in a circle
He stands out of the circle
He goes round with a stone in hand
To whom he wish he place behind
None looks back
As he turns round and back
Behind Esi the stone is placed
She sings and never noticed
He hits her back on his return
She picks it and it’s her turn
And all sing

Anhwɛ etsir ‘o
Obi reba ‘o
Ɔda wodo

Wɔnhwɛ etsir ‘o
Ehwɛ wetsir ‘a

Obiba bowu
Oda wodo
Obiba bowu
Oda wodo

There he learnt to obey
In his hearts it lay
His limbs kept fit

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