Being stupid

When he wants my mandate
He feigns comradeship
I fight for him
All become infidels
If they raise fingers at him
He arms me to destroy
Am I not being stupid

Then I give him power
But I realise I gave him more
I pay him
I pay for his car and fuel it
I pay for his house
His maid servant and gardener
He joins the cartel
To control resources
And when he retires
He strains me further for ex-gratia
He becmes rich I remain poor
Am I not been stupid

Now he makes laws for me
His interest comes first
The system protects him
With propaganda
He controls my mind
He has criminalize the revolution
Demonise the demonstration
Busted the strike
Tied me on the back
And slaps me in the face
Yet I smile
Reminds me of Fela Kuti
Suffering and smiling
May be he knows I am stupid

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