Busy losing friends

I hopped into a taxi
All seats occupied
Save left end of the back seat
I greet and sit
All damsels respond
With beaming smiles
I smile back in confidence
Ready for a verbal intercourse
Hold it right there

All eyes mind and heart
Burried in the new media
None is ready to talk to me
I pick my phone and join the band waggon
Here we are robots beside each other
And we talked not to each each other
At each destination
We checked out one after the other
There goes a friend I could have
But gone with the wind

4 thoughts on “Busy losing friends

  1. Akosua Addae

    Very true, we are not just losing friends but breaking our families and other relationships too. We respond ‘yes’ and ‘no’ because we are ‘busy’ with our new love, smartphone. Mostly, we are not doing any productive work with the phone, assuming that might even be admitted as an excuse.

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