Heat waves

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Leaving me alone is not fun
Heat waves occupy that space
High frequencies
Immeasurable wavelength
Yet not listed in any direction
With a sword it pierces
My heart and mind
Pinches my troubled skin

I feel alone in the heat
With no shoulder to lean on
No bosom to rest in
My heart is filled with love and grief
With cold and heat
And with peace and war
Come and fill your space
But I will tarry here for you
Come in a hurry
Lest sin lies at my door

Victory over terror

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He will devour us without regret
And has promised not to stop
He will devour us in the open
And when we bow to pray
He will devour us in the air
In the bird you made
And in its ally on earth

We have all run into hiding
Not even a pause
To enquire of him and them
Where lies his fountain of wealth
Who flourishes his mechandise
Who fills his barn
Who lays his table
And whose interest he serves
That you know very well

Poison his fountain
And scatter what he gathers
Send to him locusts
To destroy his store house
Do not buy what he sells
And sell to him nothing
Thwart the ways of his allies
And give them no food
Then shall victory be won